New York State Fishing Regulations For Party and Charter Boats

Size: (Inches)

No size limit

Season: All Year
Limit Per Person: 5



In the warmer weather the bluefish is one of the most common inhabitants of the inshore and near coastal waters in the Mid-Atlantic region. Ranging in size from small "snappers" of under a pound in weight to giant "slammers" weighing over twenty pounds, bluefish provide recreational opportunities and first-class table fare to millions of people each year. 

Bluefish are commonly found in the estuaries and the coastal waters of every state from Maine to Florida. They are in Long Island waters from May until November.

Fishing Tips:

We catch most of our bluefish casting rubber artificial lures at night or diamond jigs during daylight hours. Bluefish often bite best in the early morning, evening, and at night. Fishermen do best with a fast retrieve of the lure off the bottom. Braided line like "power pro" works well casting artificial lures because it casts a bit further and has less stretch when hooking a fish. When drifting and casting the bow and stern are best. When anchored after dark the middle of the boat is usually best. Some night trips we will catch bluefish in the ocean in 60 to 100 foot depths using bunker chum and mackerel bait. If anchored or drifting with bait the side of the boat with the lead, or where the lines run away from the boat, and to the fish first is usually best.