LIRR/S47 Bus

Captree Fishing Getaway Package

Daily Train and Bus Service to Captree June 20, 2011 until Sept 05, 2011

Adult $45

Children 5 years to 11 years old $28.50

Includes Round Trip Train Ticket, Round Trip Bus Ticket and Fishing Trip (Includes Rod, Reel, Bait & Tackle).

MTA/LIRR Getaway Tickets can be purchased at any LIRR Ticket Counter or Ticket Machine.


Train Schedule:

Departs Penn Station to Babylon Station

Sat, Sun & Holiday Service                              Weekday Service

Depart: 7:10am           Arrive 8:16am                 Depart: 7:10am       Arrive 8:08am

Depart: 9:10am           Arrive 10:27am               Depart: 9:05am       Arrive 10:16am 

Depart: 11:10am         Arrive 12:27pm               Depart: 11:05am     Arrive 12:16pm


Please click here  for Atlantic Terminal to Jamaica Schedule


S47 Bus

Departs Babylon Train Station to Captree State Park Fishing.

Sat, Sun & Holiday Service                         Weekday Service

Depart: 8:30am           Arrive: 8:45am              Depart: 8:45am         Arrive: 9:00am               

Depart: 10:30am         Arrive 10:45am             Depart: 10:30am       Arrive 10:50am 

Depart: 12:30pm         Arrive 12:45pm             Depart: 12:30pm       Arrive 12:50pm  


The S47 Bus Drop Off/Pickup is in Front of Captree Cove Restaurant


Here are the Captree Fishing Boats that accommodate this schedule:

9am to 1pm Capt. Whittaker (Daily)

10am to 3pm Fishfinder II (Daily)

11am to 3pm Capt. Gillen II (Daily)

Noon to 4pm Capt. Bob-O (Daily)

Noon to 4pm Island Princess (Daily)

1pm to 5pm Jib VI (Daily)

1pm to 5pm Laura Lee (Daily)

1pm to 5pm Northstar 2 (Daily)

2pm to 5pm Capt. Whittaker (Daily)

2pm to 6pm Captree Princess (Weekdays)


Returning S47 Bus

Departs Captree State Park to Babylon Train Station

Sat, Sun & Holiday Service                                     Weekday Service

Depart: 2:05pm           Arrive 2:25pm                        Depart: 2:05pm          Arrive 2:25pm

Depart: 4:00pm           Arrive 4:25pm                          Depart: 4:05pm          Arrive 4:25pm

Depart: 6:00pm           Arrive 6:25pm                          Depart: 6:35pm          Arrive 6:55pm


Returning Train Schedule:

Departs Babylon Station to Penn Station               

Sat, Sun & Holiday Service                                     Weekday Service

Depart: 2:28pm           Arrive 3:45pm                          Depart: 3:00pm          Arrive 4:12pm

Depart: 4:28pm           Arrive 5:45pm                          Depart:4:35pm           Arrive 5:35pm

Depart: 6:28pm           Arrive 7:44pm                        Depart: 7:09pm          Arrive 8:25pm


Please click here for Atlantic Terminal to Flatbush Avenue Schedule


MTA/LIRR fishing website link